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A Wide Range of Services

No need to run all over town for your dental needs. Since we provide Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Orthodontic care, Paloma Creek Dental can take care of all of your family's needs!

Committed to our Patients

We have made a commitment to helping our patients make the most informed decisions about their oral healthcare needs. We believe this means providing our patients with knowledge and decision-making resources!

Care and Service

Patient care is our number one concern at Paloma Creek Dental. Our dental receptionists will help schedule appointments, fill out paperwork, and answer any questions you might have. Our whole staff will keep your needs at the top of our priority list.

Affordable Financing

Bringing out your best smile shouldn't break the bank. At Paloma Creek Dental, we accept all Traditional and PPO insurance, and we pay special attention to helping you maximize your benefits.

Who We Ares

At Paloma Creek Dental, our exceptional, friendly team is our greatest asset. From the moment you walk in to the time you leave, we take pride in making sure you have the best dentist experience possible. At Paloma Creek Dental you are not just a number, you are family.

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What Patients Are Saying

“Best dental experience I've ever had! The whole staff was exceptionally caring and made me feel that they genuinely cared about me and my dental health! I would recommend Paloma Creek Dental to anyone looking for a new dentist!” Joy M.

“AWESOME!!!! Fun, friendly dental office! Our family loves this place!” Cassie H.

Refreshing Checkups & Cleanings

For Aubrey, TX Families

At Paloma Creek Dental, we believe that preventative care is essential for maintaining good oral health. Our goal is to keep our patients as healthy as possible by providing ongoing dental care and education, ensuring our patients practice good oral hygiene at home. If you live in the 76227 area, call 972-347-1090 to schedule your exam and to learn how you can stay healthy year-round.

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A family smiles to reveal beautiful teeth
Cosmetic Dentistry

Restore Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest growing fields in oral and dental health. Since having a bright, healthy, beautiful smile increases our self-confidence in professional and personal interactions, many patients are interested in putting their best smile forward. Thanks to modern advances in cosmetic dentistry, all it takes is a quick, painless, and surprisingly affordable treatment to improve our teeth and smiles.

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A man and woman who have crowns and bridges smile
State-of-the-Art Restorative Treatment

Restore Damaged Teeth

Are you or a family members teeth broken or damaged? We can help restore them back to health. Using both modern technology and improved techniques, we can now offer more options for restoring a tooth back to its normal appearance and function.

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A women smiles to reveal dental implants
Prevention of Disease


Periodontics refers to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease that affects the gums and jawbone. The gum tissues serve to surround and support the teeth and the underlying jawbone anchors teeth firmly in place. Our Periodontists have completed several years of extra dental training and are concerned with maintaining the function, health and aesthetics of the jawbone and tissues.

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Patients smile to show the results of cosmetic dental service
Replace Missing Teeth


Missing or defective teeth can be extremely detrimental to self-confidence and self-esteem. A prosthodontist is an architect, who formulates a comprehensive treatment plan and informs the patient as to what is possible. With the latest technology, a prosthodontist can fill these gaps with functional, natural-looking teeth that enhance the smile and boost confidence. Our prosthodontics specialists have completed years of extra training so that they can make your smile complete again.

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Good Dental Hygiene Starts Early

Pediatric Dentistry

Our pediatric dentists have experience in creating a fun, friendly, and social atmosphere for visiting children! Our staff focuses on avoiding the use words like “needle,” “drill,” and “injection” that may alarm your child. Since dental phobias that begin in childhood often continue into adulthood, it is our top priority that your child has a positive experience early on in their life.

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Affordable high quality care

We Work With You

We encourage you to ask questions and involve yourself in your own treatment during our relationship. Here at Paloma Creek Dental, we believe an educated and involved patient is most likely to achieve the best level of healthcare, and we want to work with you to achieve this goal. Please use this website as an additional resource, and be sure to Contact Us with any questions or to schedule your next appointment!

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